Have you ever tried to change the backgroundColor of UITableView from its default white, only to realise (obviously late in the game) that its gone and changed the colour of all your tableview cells as well?

This has certainly bitten me in the past, however fear no more because as of today a new handy dandy UITableView subclass exits that can help!

It does this by adding both a preHeader view and a postFooter view and automagicly keeping them perfectly in sync with all of your wonderful tableView content no mater what you throw at it!

Say goodbye to ugly white and get your colour coordinating on!

How’s it do that? GitHub what now? Just show me!

A UITableView subclass that provides preHeader and postFooter views positioned outside of the tableViews contentOffset allowing for custom header and footer background colours.

You can find RHColorCoordinatedTableView over on GitHub.

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