RHAddressbook for iOS

A Cocoa / Objective-C library for interfacing with the iOS AddressBook that also adds geocoding support.

Recently i had some time and put together an Objective-C AddressBook wrapper framework for iOS. It allows you to access to entirety of the AddressBook.framework without having to do any bridging back and forth from CoreFoundation.

I would love to hear any feedback.

Check it out over at GitHub.


2 thoughts on “RHAddressbook for iOS

  1. Oliver says:

    Thanks for RHAddressbook – I remember the times without a wrapper…

    I have a problem including it into my archive. It works for debugging on simulator and device, but when I try to archive my project it can’t find RHAddressbook:

    ‘RHAddressBook/AddressBook.h’ file not found

    Any idea? Perhaps you can provide a static library?

  2. Shuvo says:

    I love your work. RHAddressbook is completely awesome. The time it takes to fetch updated and added is brilliant. I am now trying to understand how it actually works.
    Can you please give a summery how this works or where to start following your code
    step by step to get fully understand. By the way I am fairly new in iOS. Please help me

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