I finally got around to posting a bunch of my Objective-C categories and additions that have served me well over the years. Hopefully then can serve you too!

(useful && included) things

  • UIColor interpolation.
  • UIImage pixel access / comparison logic.
  • UIImage resizing.
  • NSThread performBlock methods.
  • Launch At Login via SMLoginItemSetEnabled().
  • NSImage -> (PNG / JPEG / GIF) representations.
  • UIView / NSView snapshotting.
  • NSString URL encoding.
  • Support building both with and without ARC.
  • NSWindow smooth resizing.
  • NSObject class-dump like logging.
  • UIView completed action badge.
  • Debug logging macros.
  • ROT13 (Yea I know!).
  • and much more…

You can find RHAdditions over on GitHub.

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