Small Beer



Weekend update

Quick status update.

At work, we have been pushing hard to get an updated build of Batch out with some awesome new features.

Friday night was the Batch launch party at 111 minna. It went really well and i think we all had a great night out. Taco truck, open bar and some great company, what more could i ask for!

Saturday Jenny and i ended up getting up late, strolling down to our local bakery, grabbing a bite of lunch before setting off on a long walk over to a seafood shop to pick up a Live Dungeness crab. The remainder of the evening involved cooling it, heating it cleaning it, cracking it and eating it! (Some photos for those interested)

Today is Sunday, another lazy day. San Francisco is nice and sunny. Might work on some code later tonight, need to make a trip to IKEA to return a bed side table. Been putting it off for weeks. I think everyone does this when it comes to IKEA.

Over the next few weeks i hope to post some code, some cooking and some general status updates.